Buy And Sell

Shadiz International Company is active in the field of buying and selling dried fruits such as pistachios, walnuts, almonds in bulk and raw, so it is ready to cooperate with producers and buyers of these products throughout Iran. This group with its high capacity to produce products from producers in any quantity Vatnaji buys and delivers directly to its colleagues in any region of the country in the shortest possible time. Dried fruit packaging companies that seek to grow and develop to attract more customers do not ignore us with a Purchasing burden realizes the superiority of our product and services compared to other suppliers, we have been able to gain the satisfaction of many customers in a short period of time in the country in a short period of time by providing first-class products at reasonable prices and observing all principles of customer orientation. We buy the quality of other manufacturers who intend to sell their goods directly in cash. Our experts in the Shadiz team choose the best products to offer to the applicants in a completely intelligent manner and in compliance with all standards. In addition, this collection is for regular customers. Due to the high demand of you dear ones and the expansion of its activity, Shadiz Company will soon add other products and services to its business area, so that with the help of God Almighty, we can take a small step towards the satisfaction and satisfaction of our customers. Let’s take it