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صادرات خلال پسته درجه یک ایران

Export of First Class Pistachio Slices Iran – Shadiz Trading is one of the companies supplying pistachios and its products, especially green pistachio slices.

Export of first class pistachios from Iran

Export of first-class pistachios from Iran as one of the main pistachio products is mainly used for export to many countries.

In the discussion of export, two categories of export of oil products and export of non-oil products are discussed.

Due to the fall in world oil prices in the markets for buying and selling this product, the government turned to exporting non-oil products to meet the currency challenge.

Export of non-oil products; Pistachios and products

Among Iran’s export products, pistachios, carpets and saffron were considered as leading goods in the field of non-oil goods. Due to their export to different countries, pistachios have been able to rank first in terms of export financial value.

Considering that pistachio produced in Iran is the highest quality pistachio in the world and the United States is the only competitor in the field of production of Iran, the market of this product can be considered an exclusive market for Iranians.

Since the production of added value is of great importance in the export of any commodity, in the field of pistachios, the sale of raw products should be avoided as much as possible and by producing its products in the country, more value added should be produced during export.

One of the important products of pistachio is pistachio slices, which can have a good currency for the country, considering that there are many requests to buy it from different countries.

Production and export of pistachio slices have several points that most of the discussion revolves around the standard and packaging of pistachio slices.

Export slices of green pistachios

Pistachio slices are among the important products of pistachios that are used in various food industries. The most common use of this product is in the field of production and decoration of cakes, sweets, ice cream and..

Iranian pistachio slices have a very wide market, which is the largest volume of orders related to the following countries:

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Emirates
  4. Italy
  5. India
  6. Diameter
  7. Pakistan
  8. Japan
  9. Hong Kong
  10. Kuwait

Of course, to export to some of these countries, the products must have special certificates. For example, one of the certificates required for the clearance of goods in EU countries, especially Germany, is the aflatoxin slice certificate for pistachios.

This certificate confirms that the amount of aflatoxin fungi present in the pistachio slices is not more than the allowable limit set in the European Union.

This fungus can enter the pistachio kernel when the pistachio is harvested from the tree. For this reason, the producers of pistachio slices should be sure of the raw materials, ie the pistachio kernel.

Some other countries, such as India, Kuwait, Qatar and Pakistan, only need a plant health certificate to clear the goods.

Another name for this certificate is the quarantine certificate issued by the representative of the Agricultural Jihad Organization in customs.

This certificate will be issued if the product has standard features and parameters.

Shadiz pistachio slices wholesale center

One of the companies supplying pistachio kernels and its products, especially green pistachio slices, is Shadiz Commercial Production Complex.

This company has been active in the field of production and export of pistachio slices for the past few years.

Various products with different qualities for the use of various industries are produced in Shadiz collection.

The most important features of pistachio slices that are effective in determining the quality and price are the following:

  1. The degree of greenness
  2. Elongation
  3. Microbial confirmation
  4. Product fat percentage
  5. Load rate and powdering
  6. suitable packaging
  7. Aflatoxin certification (for special cases)
  8. Freshness and taste

All these cases are considered in the degree of determination and quality of the product.

To receive the daily price of pistachio slices, you can contact the sales unit of Shadiz collection.

Slicing pistachios for export

One of the important parameters for pistachio sliced ​​exports is its bulk or small packaging.

Since pistachio slices are very fragile, they should be placed in packages that reach the destination with the least physical damage and quality.

One of the options for packing pistachio slices is to vacuum it, but this method has several advantages as well as disadvantages.

When the product is placed in a vacuum nylon and wants to be vacuumed, pressure is applied through the pistachios next to the wall.

This will soften the products on the side of the package. For this reason, the usual method for packing pistachio slices is to use high-thickness cartons.

In addition, every 4 kg cartons of 5.5 kg are placed in a large carton to be less damaged. To be sure, each carton can be sheared so that the products have less handling.

For more information and also to buy the product, contact our partners in the sales and trade unit.

Pistachio slices

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