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فروش خلال پسته و بادام

Selling pistachio and almond slices to Kuwait – Shadiz Company offers high quality Iranian pistachio and almond slices to buyers and traders in Kuwait.

Sell ​​sliced ​​pistachios and almonds to Kuwait

Kuwait is the trading center of many Arab traders who use pistachio and almond slices for re-export to other countries or a smaller percentage for the domestic market.

Iranian pistachios and almonds are exported through Kuwait to many countries, such as European countries.
Kuwait buys pistachios and its products such as pistachio slices and almond slices in large quantities and in bulk, and after packaging under its own brand, exports them to other countries and sells them in their markets.

Of course, some of these products are sold in Kuwaiti markets for various cooking, sweets, ice cream and نی purposes.
The sale and purchase of pistachio and almond products, both in the domestic market and in Asian countries such as Kuwait, Russia, Iraq, China, UAE, etc., is very prosperous.

فروش خلال پسته و بادام


Since Kuwaiti traders have high purchasing power, the high quality of products is often preferable to their low price.

Iranian pistachios and its products have many fans in foreign markets and a large volume of Iranian exports are sent to Arabic-speaking countries.

A noteworthy point in exporting pistachios, pistachio slices and almonds to any country, especially Kuwait, is that we should try to buy directly from the producer so that high quality products and reasonable prices are exported to the target country.

For information on buying, selling and exporting pistachios and pistachio products, contact Shadiz Pistachio and Dried Fruit Production Complex.

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خلال پسته و بادامشرکت شادیزفروش بادام به کویتفروش پسته به کویتفروش خلال بادام به کویتفروش خلال پسته به کویتفروش خلال پسته و بادام

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