Pistachio exporter Ahmad Aghaei Rafsanjan to Sweden

صادر کننده پسته احمد آقایی رفسنجان به سوئد

Ahmad Aghaei Rafsanjan Pistachio Exporter to Sweden – Shadiz Trading offers Aghaei Ahmad Aghaei pistachios to respected European traders, especially in Sweden.

Pistachio exporter Ahmad Aghaei Rafsanjan to Sweden

Ahmad Aghaei Rafsanjan pistachio, along with Koleghoochi and Akbari pistachios, has been considered by Iranian dried fruit exporters to Sweden.

Rafsanjan city in Kerman province is the main center of pistachio production in the world, every year it produces thousands of tons of this product in different cultivars of Akbari, Koleghoochi, Hazelnut and.. Ahmad Aghaei cultivar produced in Rafsanjan is one of the best-selling cultivars in the markets of countries such as Russia, Germany, Sweden, China and و due to its bone color, appearance and variety of prices.

Iran, as one of the top producers of this product, is an exporter of both mechanical and natural types of this cultivar. Countries that have stricter health regulations buy the natural type from buyers and other countries buy the mechanical type at a better price.

Shadiz Production and Trading Group, the exporter of the best Iranian dried fruits around the world, has provided the possibility of buying the highest quality Ahmad Aghaei pistachios produced in Rafsanjan for respected European traders, especially in Sweden.

Export of pistachios from Iran to Sweden

Iranian pistachios and its products are among the products that are exported to Sweden in high volumes.
Since Sweden is one of the coldest countries in terms of climate, its people often use foods that have a warm nature and one of the most important of them is Iranian pistachios.

Swedish traders often want to export Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari and Koleghoochi pistachios from Iran. As you know, a large volume of pistachio production takes place in Kerman province, but the remarkable point is that each region of Kerman is known for a specific type of pistachio; For example, Ahmad Aghaei pistachio of Iran is known as Nogh region of Rafsanjan in export markets.

Dear friends, if you want to export different types of pistachios from Iran to Sweden, you can contact our sales managers in Shadiz Pistachio and Dried Fruit Trading Group.

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei

بازرگانی شادیزصادر کننده پسته احمد آقاییصادر کننده پسته احمد آقایی به سوئدصادر کننده پسته احمد آقایی رفسنجانصادر کننده پسته به سوئدصادر کننده پسته رفسنجان به سوئدگروه بازرگانی شادیز

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